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viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011

E-Book: Basic Reformed Theology Explained and Exposed

Recently, the controversy of Calvinism has expanded to new proportions as questions persist regarding Calvinism's promotion of a different God, a different Jesus and a different gospel. Calvinism claims to defend the orthodox, historic truth of the Bible and is therefore firmly entrenched, if not institutionalized, within evangelicalism. It has become increasing difficult to find churches, leaders, ministries, study materials or "Christian" books that do not promote some aspect of Calvinism. This ear tickling, elitist philosophy has deceived many Christians into promoting a god (Notebook pg. 25) who doesn't love all men, with a savior who didn't die for all men (Notebook pg. 98), offered by a gospel that saves only the elect (Notebook pg. 82). The Bible clearly opposes Calvinism by teaching that God so loved the world (Jn 3:16) that He gave His only begotten Son to die for ALL men (1 Tim 4:10); even for the false teachers - obviously not elect (2 Pet 2:1); and that the gospel saves every sinner who believes from their heart (Rom 10:10, Jn 6:29). Both views can't be true.

Many Christians have routinely come under attack for pointing out these disparities. Howls of insult come from the Calvinists as they marshal their forces to justify TULIP (Notebook pg. 55) through rules of human logic, scholarly arguments, historic creeds and confessions, and spiritual lineage traced from the Reformers to Augustine (Matt 23:30-32). They demand debates, cite non-Biblical sources, hurl accusations under the guise of "love", and shun the non-Calvinist....all the while saying they are interested in saving men through evangelism! It seems their idol of a sovereign electing god needs more protection than lost souls on their way to a fiery eternity.

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