jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

Magazine: Israel My Glory (Sept-Oct 2011)

Want to hear some good news?

A great day is coming when the clouds of the Great Tribulation will roll away and an era never seen before will dawn. It’s called the Millennium, and it will be the 1,000-year threshold of eternity.

Would you like to know about Jesus’ Second Coming and what it will be like to enter the Millennial Kingdom and live during a time of peace, harmony, and perfect justice? Or do you ever wonder about the sheep and goats in Matthew 25? Who are they, and by what standard will they be judged for fitness to enter the Millennium?

Answers to these questions and much more are all here for your enlightenment. Share this issue with your friends as a part of the good news that the King is indeed coming and will usher in an unparalleled time of plenty when He arrives.

Our cover is the Valley of Jezreel where the nations will gather for the battle of Armageddon prior to the Millennium (Miguel Nicolaevsky/iStockphoto).


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