sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

Video: Catholicism vs. Evangelical Christianity

Is Catholicism a valid expression of Christianity? This and many other questions concerning the relationship between Catholicism and true Christianity are addressed in this riveting interview of Evangelist Mike Gendron.

Dr. David Reagan, from Lamb & Lion Ministries, interviews Evangelist Mike Gendron for his weekly television program Christ in Prophecy. With sensitivity and compassion, they explore how Catholics have been led to trust a different authority, believe another gospel and worship a Christ who is unable to save sinners completely and forever. Catholics who watched this interview have left their religion to follow the true Jesus.

Mike was born and raised in the Catholic Church. For over 30 years he believed and taught from the Catholic Catechism that salvation was by faith + baptism + the sacraments + good works + law keeping + the sacrifice of the Mass + indulgences + purgatory + penance. When Mike discovered the pure and simple Gospel of the New Testament, his life was transformed. He formed an evangelistic ministry to reach Catholics called Proclaiming the Gospel (www.pro-gospel.org).

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